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CAVALCANTI, E. S. ; RODRIGUES, Lourdes Aparecida Ribeiro ; RIBEIRO JUNIOR, A. S. . In: 19th Cobem - International Congress of Mechanical Engineering, 2007, Brasília. Proceedings of the 19th Cobem - International Congress of Mechanical Engineering, 2007. v. 1. p. 1-2.




This paper searchs to establish a comparative analysis of the classic methods of functonal modeling through the methods of Pahl and Beitz, Roth and Koller being looked for to raise its advantages and disadvantages with focus in the procedurais aspects. The used methodologies to describe the structures of the functions are described for the study of case of the project of a workbench for assay of fatigue in plastic materials, taking for base the list of requirements established through the matrix of the house of the quality (QFD - quality function deployment). Technique and suggestions are identified to the difficulties in the use of each to adjust them it this type of analysis. While the methodology of Pahl and Beitz makes possible a general agreement of the product under the functional optics, the too much authors consider an alternative procedure to assist the abstraction of the generic functions. However, the concepts can generate different interpretations and its sybologies can make it difficult the elaboration of a consistent functional modeling, conditioning the process the experience of the project team. Despite this, the methdologies can be used in the development of new project in case of reprojects.